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Listening to the Fog at Humble Sea Brewing Co.

May 12, 2021

Listening to the Fog at Humble Sea Brewing Co.


Huge shout out to Frank and everyone at Humble Sea Brewing Co. for sponsoring this episode of Happy Hour! They are awesome and you need to drive to Santa Cruz right now to go check them out.  https://humblesea.com/

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode broken down in case you want to jump around:


Intro and Humble Sea - 00:00:00 - 00:03:00

Humble Sea Unboxing Story - 00:03:00 - 00:10:30

Upcoming Shows - 00:10:30 - 00:13:00

Yungblood - 00:13:00 - 00:18:30

New Music - 00:18:30 - 00:26:00

Adventure and Surprise - 00:26:00 - 00:30:38

Horror Movie Franchise - 00:30:38 - 00:40:30

Ice Skating, Speedos, and Hockey - 00:40:30 - 00:51:40

Drew Goes to D.C. and Outro - 00:51:40 - 01:11:23

Check out our instagram for what we we're drinking for this episode @quicksixerpodcast. If you have topics you'd like us to talk about or would like to sponsor an episode of Happy Hour reach out to quicksixerpodcast@gmail.com


Go check out Humble Sea the next time you're in Santa Cruz, CA! Also, stay tuned for a follow up episode featuring a few more of their great beers in the coming weeks.

For all updates and current information, please follow their our social media channels @humblesea

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