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Spooky Happy Hour with Anyone Can Die

November 6, 2021

Happy Hour with Anyone Can Die Podcast 

This week Pat (and eventually) Brittany sat down with the horror heads at Anyone Can Die Podcast. Nathaniel and Kenny are some dope humans who love scary stuff. This episode is full of fun, laughs, a few scares, and some rad beers. Please go listen to Anyone Can Die Podcast wherever you get your podcasts and give ya boy Nathaniel a shout out for his cover art and props on Q6's very own 'The Miner'

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode broken down in case you want to jump around:

Halloween Kills
The Miner
Halloween 2021
Good Pumpkin Beers/Drinks
Best Halloween Ever
Halloween Traditions/Trends 2021
BFF Trivia

Check out our instagram for what we we're drinking for this episode @quicksixerpodcast. If you have topics you'd like us to talk about or would like to sponsor an episode of Happy Hour reach out to quicksixerpodcast@gmail.com

Go check out Anyone Can Die wherever you get your podcasts today and follow them on instagram @anyonecandiepod !

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