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Sun Dropping with Karl Strauss Brewing Company

April 12, 2021

Sun Dropping with Karl Strauss Brewing Company

A special thanks Zeke, Alyssa, and everyone at the Karl Strauss Brewing Company for sponsoring this episode of Happy Hour! The next time you are in San Diego, CA. go check them out. 

Here are some of the things we talk about in this episode broken down in case you want to jump around:


Intro and Karl Strauss - 00:00:00 - 00:02:45


Alyssa/Cicerone/Beer Intro - 00:02:45 - 00:10:00


Vaccine Round 1 - 00:10:00 - 00:24:30


New House/Snyder Cut Review - 00:24:30 - 00:30:00


DMX and March Madness with Untappd - 00:30:00 - 00:38:30


Streaming and N64 Nostalgia - 00:38:30 - 00:53:00


PS5/MLB/VR - 00:53:00 - 01:01:30


Outro  and Thanks - 01:01:30 - 01:05:03


Check out our instagram for what we we're drinking for this episode @quicksixerpodcast. If you have topics you'd like us to talk about or would like to sponsor an episode of Happy Hour reach out to quicksixerpodcast@gmail.com

Go check out Karl Strauss Brewing Company the next time you're in San Diego, CA!

For all updates and current information, please follow their social media channel @karlstraussbeer 

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